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shopThe Cheese Shop:
Sandwiches To Go… and So Much More!  

Excellent food and Flawless Service Have Ensured theCheese Shop’s Long History and Excellent Reputation  W o W !!!     

The Cheese Shop’s long history in La Jolla Shores has seen many customers grow from kids into parents.  Established in 1972 by John and Dorothy Schutz, the shop began as purveyors of imported cheese and fine foods from all over the world.  Over the years, different products have been added, and roasting meats and baking cookies in the shop –Made By US!!! – demonstrates that common food can be done uncommonly well.

Today, the Schutz’s son Phil is the Kingpin and the Cheese Shop has evolved into a unique sandwich shop.  While some of the items on the menu have changed over the years, you can still expect to find terrific home-cooked food and that great “Mom-and-Pop” hospitality that has made the Cheese Shop locally famous for years!

At the Cheese Shop, we offer:

  • Spectacular sandwiches and homemade cookies to go
  • Convenient catering services
  • Unique imported and specialty foods
  • Retro candy and other treats

Don’t forget our famous homemade oatmeal (made without flour!) and chocolate chip cookies!

The Cheese Shop Experience

What makes the Cheese Shop different from any other place you’ve ever set foot in?  Our Personality!  Our Atmosphere!  “Unique” is anunderstatement!  You have to experience it to believe it!  Walk in the door and all your senses will immediately start to tap-dance!  You will:

Sniff… the incredible aromas of homemade, freshly baked cookies and slow-roasted meats.  We use family recipes handed down from generation to generation.  Think:  Grandma’s house on Christmas morning.  Mmmmm…

See… an eye-popping array of colorful candies and other specialty treats — our shelves are overflowing with a kaleidoscope of lip-smacking colors.  And our sandwiches look as good as they taste.  We consider the sandwich an art form

Taste… the rich and mouth-watering flavors that only home cooking can create.  Zesty marinades; heavenly cookies; fresh roasted peanuts, in-house roasted meats…all made from scratch!  Nothing from a mix!  The result is a veritable symphony for your taste buds!  No humdrum allowed!

Reminisce… as you browse through our retro food offerings.  Stroll down memory lane as you re-discover old-school candies you haven’t seen in years; sodas in glass bottles that remind you of another time, and imported and domestic swanky delights!

Plus our service is unrivaled!  the Cheese Shop Staff provides friendly, polished and competent service whose goal is to make you feel welcome and relaxed.  At the Cheese Shop, you’re not “just a number”… you matter!  




The Cheese Shop:
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The Cheese Shop:
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The Cheese Shop:
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The Cheese Shop:



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